Our goal to simplify graphic design starts with pricing: $1 per design.

Yet even $1 per design may be too expensive for some. If you're a student, working on open-source, have a tight budget, or don't love Hotpot 100%, we can offer free designs. Just ask below. We would rather lose a few dollars than lose a few users.

Why? Because we have been constrained by ramen budgets ourselves and want to help others. We have felt the wrenching anxiety of ballooning bills and shrinking bank accounts. We know the discomfort of seeing obnoxious arrows point in the wrong direction. It's not fun. Sometimes a little kindness can boost morale just enough to close that last sale or fix that last bug. We're also betting you will help spread the word if you love Hotpot. And one day when you supplant Jeff Bezos as the world's richest person, feel free to Vemmo us $1 billion. :)

Monthly Passes

As part of treating graphic design more like coffee, we want to avoid traditional subscriptions that lock you into unwanted commitments. With monthly passes, you only pay once and gain unlimited designs for 30 days. By providing both a la carte pricing and monthly passes, we hope you only pay when actually using Hotpot.

If you're interested, please email us to join the beta for monthly passes.

Startups, Bloggers, and Influencers

If you blog, offer services to makers, or want free designs for your social media followers, just ask us below. We can create a special promo code for your friends and followers to bypass the paywall and download designs free.

P.S. If you work at Google, could you help us secure the domain?

info @ panabee dot com