Our goal is to make graphic design easier for everyone, from designers to makers. Hotpot lets developers and makers move faster by customizing designs themselves. This frees designers to focus on creative aspects instead of menial tasks like changing copy and shading buttons with darker blues. (Darker. Darker! DARKER! What are you doing? ARGH! Are you color blind? Now it’s too dark!)

Our product philosophy is simple: software should be like Frappuccinos. You could buy the equipment and ingredients yourself then spend five minutes every day mixing the perfect Frappuccino for 10% of what you pay at Starbucks.

But you don’t. Instead, you happily plop down $5 and walk out the door with a smile on your face and a Frappuccino in hand. Because the convenience is worth $5.

The process is frictionless. (Pardon the VC-speak.) Order. Pay. Leave. You can create a Starbucks account; you can pay anonymously; or you could pay as Spiderman if you're so inclined.

Software isn’t like this. For security and convenience, most SaaS and software providers require accounts and often monthly charges. Even if you only intend to use them once or twice per year. They want a relationship when all you want is a Frappuccino. (You heartless commitment-phobe! Get help.) Worst of all, some companies charge $50 for a Frappuccino while imposing another layer of commitment through credits.

If you're a VC and reaching for an inhaler because you haven't read enough buzzwords, fear not: software-as-a-transaction (SaaT) is the model we're proposing. As opposed to the software-as-a-sucker (SaaS) model in fashion today. Didn't know SaaS stands for software-as-a-sucker? You're welcome. This term was coined at the dawn of the new millennium by the prestigious research firm, Fullough B. Ess Research Institute.

Someday, we may need to mandate accounts, but we will do our best to dodge and avoid that day the same way this guy hilariously doges and avoids Ann Coulter in the shopping mall. For as long as possible, we will endeavor (free vocabulary apps FTW!) to let you collaborate with others, edit designs, and check out without requiring an account. In short, we will endeavor (couldn't afford premium version) to put users first and investors second. Unless you're one of our investors and reading this. Then, of course, we will shaft users and put investors first.

P.S. If you work at Google, could you help us secure the hotpot.com domain?

info @ panabee dot com