Designer Pass

Hotpot helps designers serve clients faster and focus on the creative aspects of each project.

With the Hotpot Designer Pass, designers create the graphics while empowering clients to edit colors, fonts, text, and layout positioning. Editing Hotpot designs is as simple as editing PowerPoint presentations, so even clients without design skills can make changes easily, sparing designers from revision purgatory.

Interested in the Designer Pass? Please contact us, especially if the conversation below feels painfully familiar. :P

Just ask via Twitter like this. No Twitter? Contact us via chat or email instead.

Client: Could you darken this shade of blue, please?

Designer (cheerfully): Sure! How about this?

Client: Darker.

Designer (still cheerfully, but less so): Okay. Now?

Client: Darker!

Designer (sounds cheerful, but definitely not cheerful): No problem! How does this look?

Client: Argh! Are you color blind?!?!?! This is way too dark. Lighter! Lighter!

Designer (lightens twice, restores to original shade): Happy to. And now?

Client: Perfect! You're awesome. Thanks!

The designer imagines life on Mars.